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The perfect companion for any artist, designer or architect.


Use guides and layers to construct your composition, building up proportional relationships and laying the foundation of your work.


Achieve an accurate perspective by locking guides parallel or perpendicular to each other, or any angle between.


Accurately colour match. Select a point on your canvas to inspect the colour, and find the other places within your work that use the same colour.

Sketch Mate turns your iPad into a digital viewfinder, with everything you need to correctly capture proportion and perspective. Best of all, Sketch Mate is now completely free.

Designed to help you with the creation of your work. Sketch Mate is the first app to assist with drawing, painting and creating on a medium other than the iPad. Harnessing the power of iOS and the simplicity of the iPad, Sketch Mate is a tool for all abilities, from the classroom to the professional.

Sketch Mate is still in the early stage of creation and we have many more ideas to add. So expect updates often and feel free to reach out to us with feature requests. We're here to help, and we love to see the artwork you create! ~ The Sketch Mate Team.

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